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  Wild Dharma Practice
Southern Rockies

Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado
August 29 - September 2, 2016
featuring Zenki Dillo Sensei
of Crestone Mountain Zen Center


Buddhist Wilderness Expedition
Join Zenki Dillo Sensei, dharma heir to Zentatsu Baker Roshi of Suzuki Roshi’s lineage and Charles Wolf Drimal of Absaroka Institute for Wild Dharma Practice in the high peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Range of southern Colorado. The daily wilderness practice includes zazen, backpacking, sense awareness and mindfulness practices, chanting, ecological literacy, optional yoga asana, solo time, and dharma discussion.

Participants also learn best practices for wilderness travel, including orienting with topographical maps, food preparation and storage, safety precautions, and Leave No Trace ethics.

Wild Heart, Wild Nature
We are fascinated and nourished by wild nature. Our hearts know we are one of the many life forms that co- create the beauty and ordinary magic of planet earth. Yet we are strangely alienated from this reality by our civilized, sheltered human lives.

Buddhism, we can say, is to study and practice how to be fully alive. Dharma practice is to actively investigate that aliveness through still sitting, through studying wisdom teachings, and through entering the moment-to-moment appearance of the world with our whole body and mind.

The brewing ecological crisis of our time urgently calls for our response. We feel the tension between the enormity of the peril and our perceived powerlessness as individuals. Yet we must respond if we want to be fully alive.

The Practice of Being Alive
Being alive means being alive with and through others, with and through mountains, rivers, oceans, rocks, pebbles, plants, animals, the sun, the moon, the stars – and with and through other fellow human beings. If we don’t want to be stuck in a separate self, looking out at the world as an assemblage of objects that are more or less useful to us, we need to get out and immerse ourselves. There we learn to see the earth as an intimate communion of life forms that not only includes us but generates us, sustains us, and in fact, is us. Wild Dharma Practice is about responding to our longing for wonder, beauty, joy, and connectedness. It is awakening to how we belong and are at home in the universe.

Please plan to arrive the evening before the start date of the expedition. Absaroka Institute expeditions begin with an orientation meeing at 6 PM the night before each scheduled trip. Participants should be prepared to depart for the trailhead on the first day of the expedition at 7 AM. Trip cost includes round-trip shuttle to the Forest Service trailhead, guide fees, permits, backcountry shelters and all meals in the backcountry.

Previous experience with meditation practice is required. Participants should be in good shape to carry a loaded pack for multiple miles at high elevation.

Cost: $795. It is also customary to make an additional financial gift known as "dana" to a Buddhist teacher to support the teachings of the dharma.

Complete the registration for this Wild Dharma Practice through Crestone Mountain Zen Center above or below. For more information contact Charles Wolf Drimal - cdrimal@absaroka.org


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