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Absaroka Institute's founders are inspired by the teachings of Zen Buddhism. In keeping with this inspiration, AI guides teach zazen - a form of Zen meditation.

Zazen involves execution of a physical seated posture while placing attention on the breath. On AI expeditions, this practice is integrated with the wilderness experience.

Though AI guides teach some principles of Buddhism, ecopsychology and mindfulness practices, an important component of any expedition is for participants to explore the teachings of the wild. This provides opportunity for insight and personal discovery.

Whether hiking mountains, exploring canyons, and paddling rivers, expedition travel is executed as a moving meditation with attention placed on listening within and without.

In addition to zazen, AI participants are exposed to yoga asanas, also known as poses or postures. Asana, along with dhyana (the Sanskrit term for "meditation") represent two of the eight limbs of yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutra complied by Pantanjali in the 2nd century BCE.

Asanas are designed to align the breath with precise movements of the body to cultivate vital energy. Correct postures are a physical aid to meditation, for they cleanse the limbs and nervous system and support optimal health.

No prior training or experience with yoga or meditation is required to attend an AI expedition. Participants, however, should be open to explore these practices and welcome the real potential for personal transformation.

Contact AI for more information regarding meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices taught during AI wilderness meditation expeditions.



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