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I swear the earth shall surely be complete to him or her who shall be complete,
the earth remains jagged and broken only to him or her who remains jagged or broken.
-Walt Whitman

  Absaroka Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating Buddhist practice and wildreness travel for the benefit of human and planetary health.

All programs emphasize Buddhist meditation and the exploration of wild nature and human potential. Expeditions support: Buddhist practice, wilderness travel and backcountry skills, contemplative practices such as sitting meditation and yoga, community engagement, sense of place, authenticity, and self-realization.

Absaroka Institute seeks to awaken an awareness of spiritual and ecological dimensions inherent in the human experience. Through deliberate contact with wild places and through Buddhist meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices, Absaroka Institute recognizes that we all have the opportunity to manifest our authentic life purpose as part of the human experience. The institute works with adults from across the country to support a holistic education of the self.

Absaroka Institute is grounded in the conviction that an inherent connection exists between human beings and the natural world. Healthy human beings depend upon the health of their ecological home, and the long term health of this ecological home depends on healthy attitudes and practices within the human community.

There is no separation between personal and planetary. Each thought, each action, each breath, is an expression of this deep connection. Every human being has the capability to awaken to this reality, and to begin the process, which is both individual and communal, of creating social systems that reflect this awareness.

One of the primary spiritual tasks of our historical period is to recover an awareness of the intrinsic relationship between human beings and the rest of the living world. Nurturing this relationship is indispensable for the manifestation of personal sanity, peace of mind, and spiritual development.

Global climate change, environmental degradation, ever-increasing technological distractions, and an inexorable societal attention to consumption and entertainment are all symptoms of a broken connection. This is at heart a spiritual malady, and it requires a spiritual response.

At the core of our existence, human beings require a conscious awareness of contact with Earth. The living world is a mutually evolving support community of flora, fauna, mountains and rivers within which we live. The salient social illusion of our time is that we are separate from this mosaic of life. Seeing through this illusion and experiencing the non-separation of our existence is fundamental to realizing our true nature.

Dedicated to the path of awakening, self-realization and stewardship, Absaroka Institute is a wellspring for the unification of spiritual and ecological understanding through wilderness travel and Buddhist meditation.


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